Wisdom v. Intelligence (rejiggered)

  • Wisdom v. Intelligence (rejiggered)

    Posted by Craig Matheson on March 13, 2023 at 3:30 pm

    Wisdom vs. Intelligence

    Yoda versus Vader is a great debate:

    Who’s of truer power in the end?

    Was it the Jedi Master? — while more sedate

    Or was it Darth, the Sith Lord? — once a friend.

    Vader (once Anakin) was in a spot,

    so troubled by his past and future,

    thinking it was noble, he hatched a plot

    with Sidious — his Dark Side smoocher.

    Anakin (or Vader), more led by spite,

    went on to resent his Master.

    Yoda sought more a ‘force’-filled light,

    and struggled to lessen disaster.

    It’s clear to see that Yoda aged wise,

    where Darth grew intelligently deranged;

    as the stodgier Yoda gave little surprise,

    the darkness got Anakin estranged.

    Archnemesis tales are fuelled by unease,

    of clashing dual force in time;

    as goes the strife for Moses and Rameses,

    conflicting on what’s truly Divine.

    Alas, the Lord of the Rings to hold it all

    — intelligently so worn for control.

    But then to ‘unring’, despite a pulling call,

    took a real wisdom and test of soul.

    As well can be spotted to exist in nature,

    from the serpent to the wise old owl,

    where the scorpion and the frog settled a wager,

    an intelligence seem led it afoul.

    In there, the scorpion embodied an intelligence

    by tricking the frog so positively;

    wiser at first … froggy leaped any sense,

    for the mania killed them causatively.

    Do all such creatures fail to understand:

    “I think therefore I am”?

    René Descartes, this quoted man,

    of vibes echoing over time span.

    Is intelligence ‘a mirror’ for others to see

    what’s designed for outward projection?

    Yet, wisdom—as life can bring to a knee

    —so gained through depths of reflection?

    Intelligence may siren it bright to gather

    (or hoard) as many things as possible,

    whereas wisdom so runs against the latter,

    a push to give more philanthropical.

    TWO plus TWO intelligently equals FOUR

    — such calculation fetches little debate.

    But, as life’s things add to baffle a bit more,

    incalculable wisdom sums from the grate.

    The left hemisphere, of mathematical power,

    the brain seeking ‘logical’ perfection,

    whereas, of more electrochemical dour,

    the right half so contrary in direction.

    As the proctor, the doctor and the lawyer

    all intelligently must master their knowledge,

    for one to seek embodying Tom Sawyer,

    well, … some wisdom’s not there in college.

    Yet, sometimes awkward and not so clear

    which narratives are more prudent to heed;

    where Socrates to many was very dear,

    others loathed him because he hardly agreed.

    As the cubby sage strolled Athens’s streets,

    he roused more questions than answers,

    for history surely rhymes or repeats,

    The State claimed he spread social cancers.

    Then, there’s the legend of the ole Zen master,

    — with not much gossip to sell —

    if some saw him a brilliant forecaster,

    he’d advise for time to tell.

    So, all of us each into the future we go,

    a bit wiser and more intelligent for the past,

    in where the world pressures us all ‘to know’,

    more seasoning cautions: not so fast!

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