Will The Real Tesla Please Stand Up?

  • Will The Real Tesla Please Stand Up?

    Posted by Craig Matheson on August 11, 2023 at 1:56 pm

    Never fear, poetry’s here 😉

    Will The Real Tesla Please Stand Up?

    Born in a village on a Croatian mountain range,

    Ended out in America with pennies to his name.

    By 1884, this Man of Peace heads west,

    The more folks he tried to help, trickier the test.

    He imagined a world where his inventions could aid

    in supplying enough energy to end war, he prayed.

    Not driven by profit, rich contracts he destroyed

    to help George Westinghouse stay many people employed.

    Once moving to the U.S., with Edison he met,

    Thomas offered him work, Tesla deemed a new threat;

    Noted as the enemy, he was kept close for tabs,

    Then once Tesla excelled, fire burned down his labs.

    Two inventors clashed over whose system was best:

    Tesla’s AC – or – Edison’s DC, spite the rest?

    Thomas demonstrated the AC as a dark killer,

    yet his DC became the State’s electric chair chiller!

    In the end, it was Tesla who met the social calls,

    His AC motor pulled vast power from Niagara Falls.

    Edison was hurt, Nikola fell hard in his eyes,

    Like Freud hated Jung, Tesla was feared in great despise.

    Westinghouse believed in Nikola when most did not,

    Tesla returned favour, George was in a tight spot.

    Westinghouse Electric thusly survived to rebound,

    Tesla’s selfless way, labelled financially unsound.

    It’s been said he was born on a stormy summer night,

    A current through the air may’ve charged him with good fight.

    His mother displayed a unique knack for true invention,

    He sought not to make machines for war, but prevention.

    His father – a priest – advised many on a loving God,

    Tesla’s inventions, no carbon, soot or smog.

    Yet in the wrong hands, even a hammer can take a life,

    But does that mean shouldn’t slice bread because of the knife?

    The history of the world so filled with destruction,

    He saw Einstein’s fission unnatural by deduction.

    Tesla said to split an atom runs against natural law,

    whereas the Sun’s fusion beams on to regulate thaw.

    J.P. Morgan, in the flesh, had great interest in both,

    Thomas-n-Tesla were signed to his Money Master growth.

    Morgan held imposing sway to make-or-break an image,

    Tesla thus projected as Evil from a foreign village.

    With much dejection, Nikola did adapt to the world,

    His pleas for upright energy put elites into a swirl.

    Regardless of true heartbreak, Tesla grew old in age:

    Passing in 1943 — 86 years on the stage.

    Ultimately, human beings were found to let him down,

    For his troubles mass media had conditioned him a clown.

    In seek of balance, he embraced a simpler mind within a bird,

    socially less grand than tween humans, which can get absurd.

    So as far as Elon Musk, more fawned over by the news,

    To win a Pentagon deal doesn’t sing of him the blues.

    This military contractor – a.k.a., Mr. “X”,

    The more chase for profit, the more people he can vex.

    While his cars may run clean, their driving force makes a mess,

    Cobalt mines in Africa seems to fail the social test.

    Those batteries need minerals that children dig to scour,

    Long way from most’s sight — the real story’s sad-n-dour.

    Will the Real Tesla please stand up for a good bow!

    or, is there too much trauma from the carbon-farting cow?

    The Earth soon-to-end if not more “In Musk We Trust”?!

    Perhaps Nikola was better in curbing his temporal lust.

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