The Stage

  • The Stage

    Posted by Craig Matheson on September 8, 2023 at 1:23 am

    Mad mania under cool confidence,
    Can swirling storm fuel acts upon the stage?
    Sometimes the mask slips away bottomless
    where desperation’s but left, at times rage.

    The slick exterior of sleek design,
    A showiness to all great performance;
    yet within finds godsent to Heir Devine
    despite persona seeming enormous.

    A shining light guides true dem gates we come,
    This plane – from Day One there’s attention.
    Thrown, screaming, from our birthing mum,
    Life, Liberty … and pursuit of pension?

    A pressure to this world, constantly there
    calling out convincing nobody’s safe;
    the Bullying Cycle, ever quick to scare,
    such fright reverberating to erase.

    Bollocks! Bollocks! What you see is displayed!!
    There’s nada near past a prepped polish.
    “That’s my wedded truth”, before was engaged.
    What’s believed is said, not abolished.

    Could it be real even Yeshua churned?
    Within, could’ve had close consternation?
    Connection with Above, all surely yearn,
    if not discerned from lit constellation.

    Normalized Mania = Mania
    no matter how one slices the bread;
    Boredom conditions to mass crania
    in prior versions of fun seeming dead.

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