Stigmatizing Norm (same poem, new name, reworked)

  • Stigmatizing Norm (same poem, new name, reworked)

    Posted by Craig Matheson on December 1, 2023 at 10:49 pm

    Power allied, empower the lie,

    Rather live forever than to die.

    Artificially sweet, aptly smart;

    Intelligence, yes, but weak by heart.

    Fools for the world can greatly rush in,

    perhaps before did—conning good sin.

    The star Sun’s ablaze, far away shine.

    Cats can get close—the number is nine.

    Tragedy and hope? High hats for pope.

    Many ways to a God-fearing grope,

    as if in full service to inform,

    of ‘best wishes’—Stigmatizing Norm.

    The left hemisphere, down-sourcing fun,

    Thoughts in shallow till the game is done;

    Snap judgments made, may break into rage,

    Peer pressure to act … or off the stage!!

    Hatred for bore, the wages of war,

    may charge at first—more discharge in store.

    Rest for the wicked? Not a good chance.

    Burn it all down—such addicts to dance.

    Yet, heart of port to brain starboard right,

    within and across, from dark to light.

    No matter the path, the walk of life,

    a marriage – true – but no sign a wife.

    Freedom to live long, freedom to die,

    to finally get Sourced fit-to-fly;

    Freedom to see, this physical cell,

    Freedom from claiming to fully ‘know well’.

    Things big-to-little, therein controls;

    Pulled in too close, for whom the bell tolls.

    Our massive blackhole – galactic core;

    The sum of its parts to feed: its score.

    Love ya to bits – dear – love ya to death,

    Love ya so much … lost looking for breath,

    Love ya this much, a glued grip not so,

    Love ya that much … best thought to let go.

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