Perhaps not so poetic…

  • Perhaps not so poetic…

    Posted by Craig Matheson on June 21, 2023 at 12:59 pm

    The Bright Right Eye of Vitruvian Man.

    Why’s what’s ‘left’ appear more dim?

    Could it relate to LDVinci having entertained a hemispheric speculation?

    Once equally splitting the VMan circle, his head is found tilting to His Right.

    (revised copy of report w/in, accompanied by a demonstrative photo attached — that being of superimposed analysis fashioned upon a copy of the Vitruvian Man schematic, as printed from its Wikipedia page)

    Main query posed:

    If an observer zooms-in to closely view the face of the Vitruvian Man, his Right Eye can be examined looking comparatively Brighter than his left eye.

    Are we to believe that Leonardo da Vinci — renown for his highly detail-oriented craft — created such ‘optical asymmetry’ ACCIDENTALLY within his timeless, enigmatic piece?

    If not,.. then what’s to make of such ‘flaw’ per how a clear disparity can be observed between the way LDVinci drew the man’s eyes?

    To Whom It May Concern,

    My name is Craig Matheson and live in the Greater Toronto Area.

    I am not a professional or expert in any institutionally accredited manner concerning the fields of study which are considered of a logical association to this report.

    Some background on what’s brought me to this point, in following up on a compulsion to share unsolicitedly with numerous university and college professors around the globe:

    About six years ago, I’d survived quite a trying ordeal — of course any particular tale told can be tied to much broader story, granted each of us have unique varieties of as much … per the happenings of life, and/or per each unique walk along our respective Paths of Jungian Individuation.

    However, personally, in its wake, some interesting things manifested (seemingly resultant simply to enduring and trying to learn from the struggle; a.k.a., as revealed through experience over time) whereby a handful of humbling realizations inevitably were discovered and accepted as being fundamental — as dark can turn to light — per an aspect of my life; the business of family … again, part of a much broader story, as surely others could respectively associate.

    As much is here offered because shortly thereafter (in relative terms), following a sort of focused meditation (upon a specifically related metaphysical question), I’d then become (after a bit) somehow drawn or compelled toward seeking out the Vitruvian Man (VMan) schematic — while back then, given how I was, I’d only known the artwork by image, not by name.

    By way of such developments, certain things became apparently clear concerning LDVinci’s VMan (details offered below) as a seeming process was underway.

    This email is designed to share some thereof with different associates of what’s figured to be concerning fields of vocational expertise, educated depths of knowledge, and/or such sorts of personalized interest.

    The following narratives discuss Four different Points pertaining to some anomalies noticed w/in the VManschematic, mixed in with some perspective commentary:

    First Point Observed

    By zooming in on the facial area of the VMan, closely observed can be a brighter look to his right eye contrasted against more darkness about his left eye; possibly relating to the two following ideas discussed:

    i) an artistic commentary pertaining to so-called Cosmic Duality — a.k.a. such a Duo of opposite, opposing, or counterbalancing polarities — of historical notions to Mental Universe arguably before respectively referred to by each: Native North American cultures (as Light and Dark); Abrahamic cultures (as Good and Evil); Chinese cultures (as Yang and Yin); Buddhist cultures (as Eternalism and Annihilationism); Greco-Roman cultures (as Above and Below); and, New Age cultures (as Positive and Negative);

    NOTE: such notions may somehow connect metaphysically to a certain folklike-scene where an ‘Enlightening Angel’ is depicted per comparative attempts for offering more Sage Advice into a human’s Right Ear, whereas a more ‘Devilish Intelligence’ would thusly be there competing to give an Opposing Counsel into their opposite (Left) Ear

    ii) and/or, related to a possible hemispheric speculation (of which LDVinci may’ve entertained over 500 years ago) whereby such a cryptically embedded hint, arguably toward such a considerably technical concept, thus would’ve been deemed worthy enough for inclusion shrouded (or so blended) w/in his VMan schematic — while perhaps back then he hadn’t been so keen for taking certain theories public in the face of a familiar, authoritarian Catholic Church … do we hear a Galileo!?

    NOTE: as much herein offered as speculative analysis while appreciating that the House of Medici not only supplied four different Catholic popes during the 16th and 17th centuries AD/CE, but that the Medici also served as the sometime-employer to LDVinci, Michelangelo, and others of such Italian Renaissance notoriety

    Within a context of scientific theory and/or such speculative development, the notion of such a “hemispheric speculation” is here as so proposed per an understanding that LDVinci most likely would’ve been aware of such a physical, dual distinction to the hemispheres of brain granted the ‘cutting work’ (pun intended) he’d done in-the-flesh upon human anatomy.

    Furthermore, as per this narrative, LDVinci thusly could’ve theoretically found some measure of contentment (or satisfaction) in holding a belief that such artistic encryption may, at some point in the future (when less potentially dangerous to discuss publicly), be revealed, in some probable way, for establishing a broader acceptance that he’d before as well figured (at least to some degree) upon such a related theory.

    NOTE: per such a proposed speculation, further discussion is offered w/in the next observed point.

    Second Point Observed

    If the circle, per the VMan schematic, is vertically dissected as judiciously as possible into two equal halves/hemispheres, then noticeable can become that the majority of his head is positioned (perhaps purposefully) to tilt slightly more (than left) towards His Right Half/Hemisphere of the circle — thereby displaying that it’s thusly possible such a ‘Leaning Head of Vitruvia’ (if you will) could be enigmatically, yet directly, linked to His Right Eye appearing more (than his left eye) enlightened; of a proposal which may relate to the following two ideas:

    NOTE: the aforementioned attached photo has been included to show a snapshot of such analysis discussed; if wished for viewing, click “Download full message” up top to see the superimposed upon schematic of the VManprint-off

    i) an artistic device bound to a LDVinci-fashioned (given such reputation) encrypted variety of super-subtle, even subliminal, impression, cue, or nod for heeding any sort of foregoing ‘Angelic Advice’ possibly perceived, imagined, or sensed beyond as much contrarily offered so ‘Devilishly’ into one’s opposite ear; and/or

    ii) theoretically linked to LDVinci somehow estimating a distinction between the Duo of Hemispheres (in how he may’ve generally assessed the Two to function differently) whereby such artistic subtlety could’ve been purposely as so incorporated — along with him designing such ‘optical asymmetry’ — per intentional efforts to consciously (or somehow unconsciously) suggest that one’s wiser for making attempts (in whatever experienced/identified fashion) to assure (however it can be managed) that an individual (over time) errors cumulatively more (by however slight the majority amount) toward whatever decision-making is functionally associated with one’s Right Hemisphere beyond as much so associated to one’s Left Hemisphere.

    NOTE: Dr. Iain McGilchrist discusses related scientific findings per his book The Matter With Things

    Third Point Observed

    An inverted Equilateral Triangle appears identifiably able to be outlined around such a shaded area about the VMan’s left eye, whereas a more Circular shape contrastingly seems more lightly shaded as so about his Right Eye; possibly (or not) relating to the following two ideas:

    i) a theorized cue existing per an artistic, cryptic commentary [given whatever such Church-related social pressures prevailed back then discouraging (explicitly or implicitly) more open-minded, free-rolling discussion] in a way as so embedded per a hint or nod upon how LDVinci possibly speculated, considered, or perceived the Two geometric shapes — Equilateral Triangle and Circle — as circumstantially being the default (for lack of a better term) ‘behaviourally patterned geometric shapes’ respective to each hemisphere of brain, perhaps along the lines of a Sacred Geometric viewpoint to such a thing (further discussed below);

    NOTE: wherein any analysis thereof’s been applied towards the 2D forms of the Equilateral Triangle and Circle, as much theoretically can also be applied toward their respective 3D forms, in the Tetrahedron and Sphere

    The notion of such “behaviourally patterned geometric shapes” is herein proposed per what’s possibly envisioned, estimated, or determined as being the associated geometric shape (a.k.a. the behaviourally patterned such shape) to as much theoretically whereby each hemisphere is so completely cutoff, and/or so utterly imbalanced electrochemically, and/or so thoroughly isolated away from the other hemisphere — thereby (as so) as much away from the counterbalancing affects considered germane to each (opposite) hemisphere — that any such related offsetting affects are in no way whatsoever relating, blending, or negotiating with its opposite form/counterpart.

    NOTE: the preceding narrative is proposed per a background of agreement that an innate structure exists wherein each hemisphere can be understood as naturally being the contrary or balancing counterpart to the other

    ii) and/or, as much artistically created to ‘geometrically correlate’ (if you will) with the aforesaid “Cosmic Duality” whereby certain manifestations of Circular shape (i.e., envisioned, imagined, or depicted angelic halos and/or human auras) classically tend to be correlated with what might be considered behaviour/action of the highest degrees of metaphysical dynamism — arguably of such Polarity cross-culturally before referred to as either Light, Good, Yang, Above, Eternal, or Positive — whereas the Equilateral Triangle (or whatever variety of pyramid symbolism) would be the geometric shape correlating more with behaviour/action characterized by the fewest degrees of such dynamism — arguably of as much paradoxically so before referred to as either Dark, Evil, Yin, Below, Annihilating, or Negative.

    Moreover, mathematically, with respect to geometric shapes forming where all its constituent sides are equal-in-length and straightedged, such a shape doesn’t exist of less dynamism than an Equilateral Triangle — of a geometric minimum — in that it only consists of three such sides, whereas such a shape doesn’t exist of more geometric dynamism than a Circle — of a geometric maximum — as it’s arguably valid to conceptualize a Circle comprising an infinite number of equal-in-length, straightedged sides given the following narrative:

    As per a sort of ‘geometric morphing process’ (and/or … per such an incremental, logical path) for which an Equilateral Triangle conceptually graduates along toward inevitably becoming a Circle, thusly it must first mathematically transform into an Octagon (along such a procedural path) whereby five additional such sides — equal-in-length and straightedged — are step-by-step, symmetrically incorporated into such shape(s).

    Thereby once an Octagon forms, arguably the first quite Circularized shape visually appears along a ‘Triangle’s Morphing Journey Toward Circlehood’ (if you will) as this process can theoretically continue indefinitely given the concept that one additional such side can always (or eternally) be added to such geometric shape(s) journeying / scaling / transmuting / morphing across such a notional / logical path or process — where (theoretically) it matters not how infinitesimally small / short the length such a side could be possibly imagined for adding; while appreciating that such sides naturally become smaller / shorter in length, per such an addition / incorporation of each such side, as this ‘geometric morphing process’ continues heading eternally toward ‘Circlehood’ … which has no end, according to such theory.

    NOTE: with respect to said “geometric morphing”, such a graduating path/process/journey can be considered (in part) on visual display, in 3D detail, per the following Wikipedia weblink titled “Platonic solid”

    Fourth Point Observed

    The narrative per this point can begin by asking the following question:

    Where is the Equilateral Triangle?

    For as much to logically make sense, perhaps it’s necessary to consider that a first-time observer to the VManschematic may, at some point, begin to wonder why an Equilateral Triangle isn’t there in the drawing to go along with the already-provided Circle and Square.

    NOTE: such a “first-time observer” would be considered a person that hadn’t received previous advisement regarding a particular way for viewing the artwork / schematic

    Within such realms / worlds for observation, such an idea goes as reasonable where assuming that the first geometric shapes so many humans begin to play or associate with are indeed the Equilateral Triangle, Square and Circle.

    Bottom line, the crux of this Fourth Point Observed is a proposal which develops from pondering any sort of best way to accordingly marry, merge, or reconcile such narrative with an acceptance that an Equilateral Triangle is as so identifiably shaded around his Left Eye.

    Following such line of thought, the suspicion became that some sort of riddle format could be germane to LDVinci’s VMan schematic.

    In other words (per such brainstorm), if one were to believe that an Equilateral Triangle should be attempted to be drawn/superimposed upon the schematic — as so fashioned to fit the size of the already-drawn Circle and Square — while simultaneously working to suppose (or determine) any sort of logic for why LDVinci figured it necessary to design such ‘geometric eye shading’ (if you will), then in discerning such points as possible cues (or hints) to some sort of riddling-format seems a reasonable proposition.

    Thusly, it’s proposed as prudent to quest for a reconciling notion (designed for resolving such a perceived riddle) by way of ‘hunting’, w/in the VMan schematic, for an Equilateral Triangle that sensibly fits to form between any three ‘logical connecting-points’ (of a logic determined by way of observing the schematic for as much) sized to match that relatively characteristic to the already-drawn Circle and Square.

    In furtherance upon such a ‘hunting’ scenario, inevitably the only Equilateral Triangle that was located able to so sensibly form (between any three such ‘logical connecting-points’) perhaps not-so-coincidentally is found framed:

    • in an inverted condition / state; and
    • in a size matching as much relative to the Circle and Square.

    NOTE: details below regarding precisely where such three ‘logical connecting-points’ fall within the artwork — as viewable per the attached demonstrative picture — which connect together in a manner (for the purposes of this report) referred to as the Large Form, Inverted Equilateral Triangle

    To reiterate, this as so ‘hunted for’ Equilateral Triangle is found to logically frame itself in a fashion fitted to:

    • relatively (logically) size-match the already-drawn Circle and Square;
    • conditionally match the inverted state of the foregoing shaded area as so identifiable around his Left Eye.

    NOTE: all other attempts to draw/superimpose a considered-to-be necessarily “Large Form” Equilateral Triangle (between any three such ‘logical connecting-points’), per each such attempt, forms isosceles triangles

    This only Large Form, Inverted Equilateral Triangle was discovered to build between the following three ‘logical connecting-points’:

    • two such points (per its base) connect between where the man’s middle fingertips are touching the Square, while w/in his “T” bodily pose;
    • the third such connecting-point (the Triangle’s tip) is located at the centre-point of the scored, horizontal line situated below the Square — perhaps of a main reasoning for why LDVinci even considered to as so provide such the scored, horizontal line.

    While (of course) it may be impossible to completely verify that any said “riddle format” even exists, the fact that the outlined shape of what’s determinably shaded around his left eye (in such a way) matches this to-be-superimposed Equilateral Triangle arguably serves as evidence, towards a theorized crafty device, that LDVinci intentionally included (per efforts to encrypt) potentially discoverable bits-of-proof for indicating that more-may-meet-the-eye when it comes to completely identifying ALL that he’d ultimately resolved to artistically design (or integrate) per his VMan schematic for any particular observer to interpret.

    Regarding more broadscale discussions concerning whether or not the foregoing observations and theory truly matters is perhaps more of mystery.

    I’m just figuring to share some of as much abundantly void any potential burdens of attachment.

    Please do whatever you wish with it.

    If so, thank you for taking time to review this email.



    PS: please consider that even beyond such aforementioned / discussed experiences, and thus realizations (which resulted in my initially — about six years back — being as so strangely drawn toward seeking out the VManschematic), the only reason I inevitably even considered to see if his head was tilting toward either direction was because, over time, I’d inevitably come to discover / realize / notice clear differentiation in whatever, whichever, or any of my so chosen / selected behaviour which could lead to (or result in) whether a migraine may develop either within my left hemisphere of brain or oppositely within my right hemisphere;

    …whereby, it was personally identified that such associated behaviour linked to left hemisphere migraines had / has to do with some sort of imbalanced hemispheric (possibly electrochemical) bipolar affect so deemed connected to excessive passions involving (but not considered limited to):

    • wanting for endless acknowledgment from others;
    • craving to always be seen as correct per any such behaviour so selected / chosen for enactment into the physical world; and/or,
    • to receive ‘adequate praise’ (as so insatiably never enough) per whatever variety of perceived accomplishments which may’ve been actuated and/or imagined.

    NOTE: as currently 48 years of age, I’ve known (as my mother was before) of the bipolar condition / function to my brain since being about 20 years of age

    …whereas concerning whether a migraine could potentially develop w/in my right hemisphere, as much was conversely so deemed linked to such behaviour associated to an effect related to an imbalanced hemispheric (possibly electrochemical) bipolar affect as so involving (but not considered limited to):

    • any sorts of excessive concern (imbalanced, runaway compassion) for others beyond as much for myself.

    Having offered / considered all of as much, perhaps it’s more suitable to linguistically wrap up the foregoing narrative by where said “Cosmic Duality” (or such opposite, opposing, or counterbalancing ends to such a Thing) are assigned the Dual Labels of Excessive Self-Centrism / Excessive Selfishness … against … Excessive Selflessness——- or however such opposite impulses work, or are to be framed;

    …wherein the case of my migraines, per either hemisphere, both seemingly were / are of imbalanced decision-making regarding such so chosen behaviour (as so selected for enactment / action into the physical world or realm) of which (over time) much I’ve learned for how to personally smooth out more effectively in ways (or fashions) that have resulted in a mitigation in the frequency of such migraines, per either hemisphere.

    Either way, it all inevitably compelled me to acquire an enlarged version (at a local printshop) of the VManschematic for a physical drawing / superimposing of such a vertical dissecting-line, along with other so discussed analysis; please find one such related photo attached

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