Opposites, opposites everywhere… (edited/streamlined version)

  • Opposites, opposites everywhere… (edited/streamlined version)

    Posted by Craig Matheson on January 23, 2023 at 3:30 pm

    Opposites, opposites everywhere and not all wish to think,

    That if we were todo similairé then what’s black would be pink.

    Should all colours be the same? Then no need to debate

    For which colour can take the blame as blandness’d be more innate.

    Perhaps final is the goal for A.I. to end such spectrum,

    To replace the long human’s role with something without a rectum.

    But then the ole adage: “There’s two sides to the same coin”

    Opposite ends to the flippin’ average where paradoxes conjoin.

    Can a planet have but one hemisphere, supported by universal law?

    Would the other half need to disappear? Sounds of unipolar flaw.

    A better idea incorporates that things tend to have their opposite,

    Where in from the ends to coordinate for making up a composite.

    As Dark exists so Light can beam of difference between the polarity,

    Thus to highlight contrasting gleam of wisdom shone in disparity.

    As Above so Below; one connects to the other.

    That’s “goodbye” without “hello”? Like father without a mother.

    If Yang is sensed so is Yin, an ancient take on the fact

    That alike the theory of Big Bang it seems of a cosmic pact.

    Thusly speaking geometrically, do opposites therein exist?

    Such polar ends can there be of a mathematical gist?

    The shapes to such a notion: Equilateral Triangle and Circle.

    Does it seem of a magic potion? How about the colour purple?

    For human auras or a halo, more circular shapes came to mind,

    While pyramid symbols more bellow actions of the spiritually blind.

    Either way the mystery’s there as opposites make up the whole,

    For how best to ‘Circle the Square’; not losing sense of what’s droll.

    So inevitably coming down to the one for how an individual must think,

    Judging’s always easier done as listening can push to the brink.

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  • Sophia Hughes

    August 25, 2023 at 2:19 pm

    Circumscribing circle

    One moon in orbit

    Circles this globe.

    Sun is sometimes obscured.

    Other distant orbits traverse our latitudes.

    Focus down to a ceremonial circle on Naxos

    Cosmos, stemming, compasses a low describing wall,

    over years, in slow motion

    as earth turns and tree rings form.

    A dervish spins.

    Nearby, belly encircles a tiny head

    Pot, dipper, plate and tumbler offer food

    Two lapis discs half submerge in milk

    Pilgrims circumambulate.

    Monks envision mandalas.

    Quakers sit in silent circles.

    Dreamers dream.

    O, oh! Oh!, uroboros, ohm, omega……to zero.

    Still, we seek the square.

  • Craig Matheson

    August 26, 2023 at 8:41 am

    Totally! Thanks for sharing 🙏<div>
    </div><div>The circle. Of the eternal. Of the halo or aura. The pointless shape. The bubble. A planet.</div><div>
    <div>The square. Don’t you dare, or I’ll put you in a box! More basic. Only slightly less so than the triangle. </div><div>
    </div><div>Then the pentagon. The shape to build war? A throwing metal star? The Five Star general. </div><div>
    </div><div>Then the ‘spooky’ to the molecular building blocks for the kooky. The hexagon with 6 points, 6 interior angles and 6 equal-length straightedges sides. Oh la la!</div><div>
    </div><div>I’ll stop there 🤦‍♂️</div></div>

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