666, What’s in a Number? (Redone)

  • 666, What’s in a Number? (Redone)

    Posted by Craig Matheson on October 23, 2023 at 7:23 pm

    (apologies, had to set each line to an 8-syllable count; failed first time)

    What’s with the number 666?

    Is it loaded with parlour tricks?

    Does it writ need be ‘perfect pitch’?

    Its breadth more than a hexastich.

    What’s with the number 666?

    The Mark of the Beast or a Witch?

    ‘Hex’ – the root – may pay you enrich,

    perhaps to find noetic niche.

    Most well know a hellish hex,

    On and on such things tend to go …

    Yet more complex, some shapes so vex,

    hexagram & hexagon so show.

    6 angels, 6 points and 6 sides;

    the highlights of a hexagon.

    So, why hexing a curse surmised

    by those so beset or in drawn?

    Then, the infamous hexagram,

    666 therein all about.

    Thou, Mötley Crüe played pentagram,

    it was at ‘the devil’ in shout.

    “Hex-ere-i” sounds like “Sex or die”,

    An ole term spelled toward witchcraft.

    To ignore, fails to seem so sly,

    but more preys to play people daft.

    The hexagon in chemistry,

    An assumed structure fit for build.

    Alliance of 6, hexarchy;

    Doesn’t need be evil for skilled.

    Cells to a beehive honeycomb,

    Habitat for health & sweetness;

    Found best strong shape to form their home,

    Such structure set to stem weakness.

    Then there is Saturn’s polar cloud,

    a hexagonal shape at that.

    A witch for this to be allowed?

    666; Worth a deeper chat?

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