Short Introduction

  • Mark Delepine

    March 20, 2023 at 2:15 am

    Hello and welcome. I was just reading last night the chapter in TMWT on Reason’s progeny, just into the section on mythos and logos. Fascinating. As an undergraduate philosophy major I found the discussion leading into it of the psychopathology of philosophy interesting as I imagine you must have too. The extreme positions of Kant, the early Wittgenstein and plenty of others should give us pause to question the wisdom of the view from no where, logical positivism and the analytic approach generally I think.

    One place you see analytic philosophy whole heartedly embraced is in the practice of Christian apologetics among mainstream Christian evangelicals. I am not a Christian except culturally myself but I’ve become increasingly interested in what it is about us which gives rise to and still supports that conception of God. Recently I joined a group of very thoughtful Christians (as well as a few heresy fearing literal minded ones) on the forums at the BioLogos website to read and discuss Penner’s book The End of Apologetics, a post modern critique of the ill effects of analytic argumentation on the way their faith is understood. It really is quite odd when you think about it. It’s like that lot is eating the forbidden fruit all over again.

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