Reply To: Stop Press: AI researchers install a Right Hemisphere

  • Don Salmon

    April 17, 2023 at 2:15 pm

    Oh my goodness you’re asking tough questions!

    no just kidding happy to try.

    Ah, words….. let’s see.

    I would say, loosely, the way I’m using “conscious” here refers more specifically to human SELF consciousness, and “sentient” refers to the awareness of the sensory environment common to animals – and if the latest studies are to be believed, even plants.

    In Tibetan Buddhism and Vedanta, “Cit” (translated quite loosely as “consciousness”) refers to the awareness which both encompasses and pervades and ultimately, constitutes, the universe. In simpler language, it’s related to what I wrote you in the contemplative group, awareness looking through our eyes, and ultimately, as we merge more fully into and as that awareness, we can literally – viscerally – FEEL the energy, aliveness, “sentience” of all things, even what we consider to be “dead” matter – as “made” of awareness-energy.

    These words are easy to write and it’s easy to think, if we spend some time reading them, that we know what they mean. But in my experience, it’s helpful to be very very light about them, otherwise they end up being an impediment to direct experience.

    I’m conscious of your question. There is sentient awareness of the feeling of writing, sitting in the chair, etc. There is an awareness “behind” or looking through the eyes the takes in everything, and as I relax into this awareness, everything takes on a quality of alive, sentient awareness, vibrating with Presence and aliveness.

    hope that wasn’t just clear as mud:>))

    Time for a chai break:>)