Reply To: Responsiveness too slow

  • Armando

    December 22, 2022 at 7:16 pm

    Hi Peter and Tom,

    Regarding the blocks you’re experiencing when typing a message, this is due to the fact that a draft gets saved periodically, every 20s. During that save process the input is blocked. Of course this shouldn’t happen!

    I’ve reported this a few days ago and have yet to hear from the development team directly, as the frontline support person wasn’t able to reproduce it. I know it’s a bug, because I can reproduce it on various sites and you’re confirming this issue too.

    For now, I’ve fixed it here temporarily so you shouldn’t have that blocking any more.

    Absolutely feel free to DM me directly if you want, but I’d encourage you to post issues in this forum, so others can see it too and share their thoughts / experiences. I get notifications and check in regularly.

    Warm regards,