Reply To: Subscribing

  • Tom Huntington

    December 20, 2022 at 6:56 pm

    The words you’ve written here make perfect sense to my left hemisphere’s analytic reasoning skills . . . but not to my right hemisphere’s more whole brain, experience-learning skills. My RH brain needs experience and practice at what you’re describing as a very simple process (in the abstract, representational sense), which it probably is. However, for most of us live humans, when we’re learning a new skill, a new process, even one as simple as it is to you and as it will probably be for most of us once we’ve had at least 1 or 2 or 3 times of experiencing in real life situations, which, in this case is communicating most effectively with other living humans who are members of Channel McGilchrist and wanting to learn and support Iain’s work and The Hemisphere Hypothesis in the world.

    Does this make sense Armando? I’m sure I could devote a half-hour (or more) to figuring out the logistics (“the map”) of what you’re saying about “the subscribe” feature, but I doubt I’d feel very confident or competent in using it with any facility for connecting and communicating and collaborating with other CM members. I think a few simple tutorials for how to use the BuddyBoss platform within the context of the purpose/goals of all us members of Channel McGilchrist. Some of us are newbies to Iain’s work and The Hemisphere Hypothesis and are wanting to learn more . . . others of us have been students of Iain’s work for 10 or more years since reading The Master and His Emissary and want to keep changing our brains to be more skilled at “whole brain” living and relating in all areas of our daily lives . . . and some of us want to help Iain and his Channel McGilchrist team get The Hemisphere Hypothesis more and more “out there” in the world to help change the LH cultural patterns in the world that are not healthy for the planet and all us living humans and all living things. I’d be very happy to chat with you Armando to share some of my ideas about how we can help the Channel McGilchrist members’ platform be more successful in meeting the needs and wants of the members.