Reply To: Hello! & a Question

  • Eleanor Lundholm

    October 12, 2023 at 4:33 pm

    Hello James and Cooper. How lovely to be able to share the profound effects that reading TMWT has had. You did indeed start an interesting thread Cooper, as James said! I can relate to your “thort” James about when you were reading the book for the first time. A revelatory experience. The thing for me is that whilst I have read the book, I will never actually stop reading it. It is written in such a way that you can pick it up and read again any chapter, even at random, once you have a grasp of the whole thing. In this way, the concepts are always going round in my head such that I am able to relate them to everyday life, if you see what I mean! I also listen often to the discussions with Alex Gomez-Marin. I do not have a science background at all but have become very interested in physics since reading the book! I agree Cooper, that it would be interesting to have McGilchrist’s take on some of the issues we have been discussing. Have you considered submitting a question for the next Q&A session?