Reply To: Imagination vs. Fantasy

  • Tom Huntington

    October 21, 2022 at 10:14 pm

    Hi Peter . . . congratulations on your new poem direction. I can relate. Bravo! I don’t consider myself “a poet” either . . . and yet as a long time student of how to change my brain to be more Right Hemisphere wise and aware and “in charge” . . . I’ve discovered that expressing myself in poems or “poem-like” writing is much more enjoyable than trying to write to convince anyone that my experience or my opinions or my understanding is “the one and only right answer”!

    I created a short poem today about my “We’re the Self-Scientists of Our Brains” opinion iI’ll see if I can share the link . . .

    Nope . . . can’t figure out how to . . . THANKS again Peter for responding.