Reply To: Imagination vs. Fantasy

  • Peter Foliant

    October 20, 2022 at 10:46 pm

    Imagination is an interesting topic. I can understand that you would like to “poet-ize” a text that resonates with you. It is trying to express something in the “language” of the right hemisphere.

    I have a very analytical mind and do not grasp or understand poems easily. But in a recent discussion I realised I should try a poetic form instead of a argumentative analytical form. I succeeded in writing a poem based on the contents of the discussion and on imagination. Of course I am an absolute amateur poet, but I liked trying to create the poem anyway. And to my astonishment I got a complement on the poem from the person that was “fighting” analytically before with the other participants in the discussion.

    It is a pity that the site is currently having problems. I wish the team all the best in addressing them.