Reply To: Imagination vs. Fantasy

  • Tom Huntington

    October 18, 2022 at 9:00 pm

    Imagining that the site will work easily for me (and maybe for all of us) is not being successful . . . .πŸ˜… I’m quite sure fantasy or magic incantations won’t be any more successful 😊

    @chrissie.archbold @maryattwood

    I spent a couple of hours the other day to format and share my idea and invitation for a small group weekly discussion I’m tentatively calling “The Hemisphere Hypothesis Self-Scientist Testing Team” and post links to 3 short videos and despite my efforts, I fell short in being able to succeed in posting the video, so I left note. (And this was after percolating my ideas for such a group since I finished TMWT . . . even before you did all the work for the beautiful new version of the website for Channel McGilchrist)

    And now with this post . . . it took me an hour and a half to post and format in a way that I thought would be most easy for anyone interested to read it quickly . . . only to find it had the formatting in the text (Yikes 😰) But . . . this time I figured out (or hypothesized) that the “show formatting” button must be involved. . . . And then I found “the edit” button and spent another 15-20 minutes to edit and remove the junky looking formatting . . . I was so momentarily pleased with myself to keep making the effort to share my idea and my not giving up πŸ™‚. . . only to get a red flag saying this post could not be edited!!!!

    I know I know I know that the two of you (and maybe more than the two of you) have done such a great job in upgrading Channel McGilchrist to make it more user friendly for members and non-members . . . and I can only half-imagine (with empathy and not fantasy) how much time and effort (and maybe a little frustration now and then πŸ™) it must have taken.