Reply To: Hunter Gatherer Minds

  • Clifford Jekel

    March 30, 2024 at 6:23 pm

    Thanks Don and Whit,

    Don- I do not discount the eastern idea of the priority of consciousness (especially Divine) in the path of humanity. I am allergic to the rank materialistic bias in much that I read – though of course physical realities are not only effects but also causes. I have not been able read most of Bently-Hart’s work it is just over my head. But I find him accessible when interviewed. Hopefully he will do a book tour 😂

    Whit- I think you are absolutely on point to emphasize the various paths. Interestingly that Ancient Greek method for memorizing a speech using loci might leverage the brain proximity of verbal and sequencing functions you referenced.

    For my own case, I am trying to use lifestyle to hunter-gather myself by expanding my daily context landscape. I hope through this the “Master” will bring my emissary to heel. Some concrete steps include developing multiple small channels of income, including crafts, storytelling, music making and other things that I ignored low those 30 years (while I was trying to make enough money to put three kids through private school and college) is one thing. Developing more intentional exercise and liturgical practices is another.

    All the best,