Reply To: Rev Dr Barbara Brown Taylor’s book Holy Envy

  • Mark Delepine

    January 1, 2023 at 9:26 am

    I love her too. There are so many memorable quotes in that book but that heart falling out is a good one.

    I’m afraid I have no insight into a Milwaukee sense of humor. Being raised as a navy brat I grew up in a number of places but Maryland is the closest I ever got to that place.

    I discovered BBT when Merv B began sharing quotes in a thread I started at BioLogos titled Pithy Quotes From Our Current Reading. Merv is one of the moderators for their forums. Well read, curious, brilliant and with a heart of gold, he is one of several there who along with IM made me realize the sacred was available to nons like me.

    Just to make you feel better about 66, I’ll become a septuagenarian in a couple months. Having my wife join the octo’s a month ago takes away any sting there may otherwise have been.