Reply To: What it is about gardening that makes it so fulfilling for some of us.

  • Marshall Polk

    September 5, 2023 at 4:39 am

    Thank you for posting Mark. What Jennifer is saying reminds me of this book. A book that I have recommend to my meditation group for study. Because I believe it to be is as profound as any Buddhist treatise on Zen. Which I don’t say lightly. Monty is a gardener and the host of a popular BBC gardening show, which is excellent in its own right: Gardener’s World (Brit Box). The book isn’t about gardening though but about marveling at the natural world as it moves and changes before us throughout the seasons. A meditation on the living world around us – for its own sake.

    I’m actually partial to the audiobook for once above the printed/digital version because of the warmth Monty brings to his own words. His Cambridge education is evident in his descriptive color and marvelously enjoyable writing style. As he reads his book, he gives a wonderful emphasis of feeling into what he is saying. Although he is talking about England and Wales, I find after listening I look at the world around me even here in the southwestern United States with fresh eyes, ears and even nose.