Reply To: My introduction to Process Theology

  • Mark Delepine

    March 30, 2023 at 1:13 pm

    I was raised in a household that went to a Christian church early in my life but stopped before I started elementary school. As a result my dismissal of everything regarding the sacred had been dismissive in a facile way. Now I just own being agnostic but no longer think the question of God belief comes down to thinking there is an intentional being who created everything. Rather, now I ask what has made God belief so compelling for so long and almost everywhere? I suspect it has had a role in shaping how we are as persons. But “theology” as such is a foreign concept for me too.

    I find your perspective refreshing:

    “Buddhism does not recognise a ‘God’, and yet, not wanting to let the words we give to things get in the way of hearing and reflecting, I look forward to more reflections in this area.”

    I don’t know that any kind of theology is particularly relevant or important for me but I was hoping it might speak to some of my Christian friends. So far only one person I don’t know much about responded about this video and he said: “it strikes me as a sort of dignified solipsism”. I find that disappointing but then I’m not saddled with a belief that entails so much highly specific dogma. The Christians I’ve met who show their perspective can be beneficial rather than a mill stone don’t look to the Bible for specific marching orders and acknowledge that what we can know about this is always filtered through our cultural lenses and individual lived experience. I find that so much more hopeful.