Reply To: Embodiment and Flow

  • Mark Delepine

    March 10, 2023 at 11:10 pm

    Listening now. Errol Garner is new to me. Thank you for that! I’m envious of your musical talent. I used to say the only thing I play is my iPod and that is mostly true though I’ve had a few wonderful experiences making music with more accomplished people. Visual art was where I discovered what I believe about talent. My old arthritic hands make drawing less enjoyable but luckily my artistic interests have shifted entirely into my garden now. My wife is a textile artist and many of her artist friends seem to likewise have moved their real creative juices to their gardens too.

    I’ve always thought that talent and access to that talent are two different matters. There may or may not be a ‘there’ there but to find out you need to be able to get there, and getting out of your own way is the first step. Something like faith involved here too, our disposition to the world and how we conceive our place therein.

    I look forward reading more about flow and the sacred but I haven’t yet gotten that far in TMWT. If I get a paper version I’d be able to skip around more easily but I only got my Kindle to read this book and so don’t know how to navigate it very well. I’m debating getting the paperback version but I also need to replace my old car this year, so we’ll see.