Reply To: Embodiment and Flow

  • Samuel Ford

    March 10, 2023 at 9:42 pm

    You’re a fan of Rick Beato I’m guessing? Loved his recent Keith Jarret interview, though it was heart-breaking seeing that he can no longer use his left hand after the stroke.

    I think grunting/strange vocalizations or involuntary movements must be part and parcel of improvisation and musical expression. I remember watching something about tourettes by the neurologist Oliver Sacks in which he said that many people with tourettes are drummers, and he thought that this might be because both drumming and tics require a kind of lack of inhibition/immediate action without thought.

    Here’s the jazz pianist Errol Garner being brilliant (and grunting throughout)

    And there is the famous example of Glenn Gould, who hummed along with everything he played –

    Another example: I play keys in a funk/soul band and often my legs will shake uncontrollably, our drummer lets out a constant stream of grunts while playing!