Reply To: Rev Dr Barbara Brown Taylor’s book Holy Envy

  • Mark Delepine

    January 4, 2023 at 3:51 am

    Don wrote: “I’m afraid we’ve misunderstood each other one more (and obviously one last) time. I had assumed it would be enough if I didn’t respond to you directly (ie keeping silent in relationship to you). I hadn’t *planned* to write either, but when Mark H mentioned my name, I had – evidently incorrectly – assumed if I don’t respond to you directly (ie keeping silent) it would be enough.”

    You assumed correctly so initially when you responded to Mark H I ignored it entirely. But before I wrote back to the support staff I took another look and found you had addressed me at the end of your final paragraph to the other Mark, though that seems to have been edited out now. It is at the very end of what you’d originally written:

    Don Salmon

    Member January 1, 2023 at 2:59 pm

    Hey Mark,
    Clinical psychologist (composer/pianist in the old days here too)

    Can you say a bit more about the practical use you find in Hillman’s writings and in Jung’s depth psychology as well?

    There’s an interesting term that Frederick Meyers coined back in the late 1890s – “subliminal” – this encompasses and, I think, goes beyond much of what Jung and his followers (Like Marie von Franz) have described. Meyers refers to a vast wealth of experience which goes beyond anything we know of in the physical sciences.

    Ed Kelly, a research psychologist at the University of Virginia, has a group of over a dozen physicists, philosophers, therapists, biologists and more who have come out with several books exploring the realms that contemplatives around the world have described. Ed was also involved in parapsychological research for years. His first book, Irreducible Mind, gathers together an amazing wealth of evidence for telepathy, precognition, psychokinesis and much more.

    In terms of practice (for therapy or any other area) I wonder if you know about the latest trend in non-dualist therapy. It’s quite close to that practice I suggested from Alan Wallace. You could almost think of it as a “scientific” exploration of these subliminal worlds Meyers and Jung described, yet going even beyond that.

    At the most practical level, I’ve found if introduced well, it has profound and VERY quick positive effects on patients. If you’re interested in practices, you might look at Loch Kelly’s work. For Mark D, you’d be amazed at how thoroughly Loch presents his work in a purely agnostic fashion. Doesn’t matter, he says, what people believe, the recognition of non dual awareness through practice, can have powerful healing effects for just about any challenge.”

    Don, I wish you no ill will and if you will refrain from posting or addressing me as you have in this forum I will be content. If we cross paths on another forum let’s hope for a better start.


    Mark D