Reply To: Rev Dr Barbara Brown Taylor’s book Holy Envy

  • Mark Harragin

    January 2, 2023 at 12:20 pm

    Hillman: etymologise a word to recover some of its original “angelology”. e.g. as mentioned, “belief” comes from love. “Belief in God” (LH) becomes “love God” (RH), as covered by McG in TMWT Chap 28.

    Jung: Analogise – mythology, alchemy, synchronicity, dreams, active imagination, astrology, numerology – trust the Unconscious. Like an octopus temporarily covering itself with a mantle of sea-bed detritus, reflecting and glinting in all sorts of ephemeral ways. Soul momentarily glimpsed.

    And then in a moment I drop all this learned stuff and risk naked, vulnerable exposure (like the octopus). This forum, the sense of the sacred, demands my un-knowing and un-making, I seek to put into practice what I’m learning from TMWT. To re-orient to RH I drop all my intellectual baggage (LH) and trust to… love.