Reply To: Hoping more Christians can become tolerant other approaches to the sacred

  • Mark Harragin

    December 30, 2022 at 12:09 pm

    Thanks Mark, and thanks for the invitation. I’ll see. Navajo flaw – nice! I understand Gnosis as knowledge (same root) of God – kennen not wissen as McG puts it. So, joining things up, I mentioned to Don in the other stream McG’s idea of “God” as an un—word, Don responded with unGod (which I fancy as a verb), and I come to Agnosis (you describe yourself as agnostic) as valid an approach to God as any other. McG mentions about the Queen telling Alice to get there by running in the opposite direction. Am I in Wonderland? How has reading TMWT affected you and or informed your agnostic stance?