Reply To: The Sense of the Sacred Worldwide

  • Don Salmon

    October 18, 2022 at 7:28 pm

    Hi Mark:

    I didn’t always get prompts either, but you might check – if you don’t get one now, write to the web folks; after the first few weeks I started getting regular prompts.

    just one thought – something beyond BOTH hemispheres, I think.

    There’s a beautiful word in Sanskrit, “shraddha,” which is sometimes translated as “faith.” Sri Aurobindo poetically describes it as “the light of the yet uprisen sun.”

    That is, it is intimations shining forth from the depths of the Kingdom of Heaven within (from the Buddha Nature, the Tao, Allah; whatever word you wish to use).

    From what little I know of orthodox Christian theology, this may have been the original meaning of faith but it has been corrupted in the modern, heavily LH age to mean mental belief.

    My sense is just the way we all here have been responding to TMWT goes beyond LH AND RH – it is something that has touched our souls, thirsty for nourishment in this dry materialist desert of a world.


    By the way, be mindful of whether you click “Notify me of replies via email” when you post a response. If you don’t you won’t get a prompt.