Reply To: What We Lose When We Push Our Kids to ‘Achieve’

  • Rodney Marsh

    May 22, 2023 at 12:30 pm

    Thanks, Lucy, for your comment. I think learning techniques and ways to suppress (if that’s the right word) the LH is an urgent need for all humans in the 21stC. One of IMG’s main insights is that the fibres connecting the hemispheres are mainly inhibitory – so when one hemisphere is attending to a task which is energy consuming and needs concentration it tells the other hemisphere to “keep out of this – none of your business”. The trouble is that nobody seems to use anything other than LH attention these days. The necessity for suppressing the LH in order to understand what is and who I am, explains why all mindfulness/meditation requires the withdrawal of attention from tasks, memories, resentments, hopes, desires, prayers, images etc… so the attention of the RH can attend to… ? (what) – essentially a RH attention is empty and open to what is – the other. This can be applied in education in so many ways – teaching students to attend to a flower, a bird, music, poetry etc…. not LH attention to break these down into bits and analyse and control and ‘understand’ but an open attention which lets the other be that which it is… So I think it is entirely useless to teach children (or adults) about the dangers of too much screen time when we have such weak wills to control or change behaviour. I argue in the essay attached that teaching meditation is ONE traditional way adopted (in different forms) by all Wisdom traditions to suppress LH attention and train the mind to attend to what is with open attention. As to the LH being essential, so it is, just not when you want to be not do. As one child described their meditation time in class – “we meditate, then we do maths” (right priority, I think).