Reply To: What We Lose When We Push Our Kids to ‘Achieve’

  • Rodney Marsh

    May 22, 2023 at 2:59 am

    Heard another pointless radio discussion with parents from an ‘expert’ in digital matters about the use of devices in schools and about limiting screen time… all discussion seems to ignore the fact that the use of devices is, in essence, only uses a LH attention. This only further suppresses RH attention to the world and others and damages the user. NO solutions to the damage digital devices are doing to children and young people’s brains can come via technology. The LH attention MUST be suppressed for reality to be faced. Then time taken to join the flow of life and pay RH attention to what is – it is the only way ahead that will lead anywhere. At present the digital emphasis in education, promoted as a solution (to what? – the problems it has created) is leading children away from life, healing and hope. The ‘experts’ in these areas seem not to even be aware of the evidence IMG has provided for the necessity to pay RH attention. To do that we must teach kids how to suppress their LH in order to see with new eyes the world and others through their RH.