Reply To: Video: Psychiatrist Claims SSRIs Reduce Empathy, Sensitivity, & Passion in Women

  • Don Salmon

    February 19, 2023 at 7:33 pm

    Sorry, for effective therapy for depression probably by far the most successful would be an integrated implementation of appropriate supportive social structures – thus fulfilling the declared “Biopsychosocial” model of treatment:

    Bio: meds, healthy sleep, eating and exercise, living in tune with one’s circadian rhythms, daily immersion in natural settings, etc

    Psycho: CBT, interpersonal therapy, mindfulness, heart-fulness, somatic therapies

    Social: a deep connected, caring community in which education and healthcare are provided and meaningful work is available to all.

    I would add Bio-psycho-social-spiritual. Then you have the whole thing. I expect to see this well implemented at least by some time in early 2551.