Reply To: Video: Psychiatrist Claims SSRIs Reduce Empathy, Sensitivity, & Passion in Women

  • Gary

    January 3, 2023 at 5:20 pm

    Correcting: The 5HT1A system FACILITATES the passive adaptation to stress, which involves a REDUCTION in anxiety and emotional response to stress and the SSRIs selectively FACILITATE (not block) this part of the serotonin system, thus blunting the passive emotional response to stress while also blunting affective response to experience in general, which undermines those functions which depend on a fully developed emotional activation. The 5HT2A system FACILITATES the active adaptation to stress which involves a significant relaxation or questioning of the underlying ‘priors’, or basic beliefs of the person that are associated with the development of the stress. And the psychedelic agents FACILITATE the 5HT2A system, thus permitting an active restructuring of basic beliefs through suggestion that can be provided in a carefully constructed psychotherapeutic experiential process while the person is experiencing ReBUS while under the influence of psychedelics.