Reply To: Opposites, opposites everywhere… (edited/streamlined version)

  • Sophia Hughes

    August 25, 2023 at 2:19 pm

    Circumscribing circle

    One moon in orbit

    Circles this globe.

    Sun is sometimes obscured.

    Other distant orbits traverse our latitudes.

    Focus down to a ceremonial circle on Naxos

    Cosmos, stemming, compasses a low describing wall,

    over years, in slow motion

    as earth turns and tree rings form.

    A dervish spins.

    Nearby, belly encircles a tiny head

    Pot, dipper, plate and tumbler offer food

    Two lapis discs half submerge in milk

    Pilgrims circumambulate.

    Monks envision mandalas.

    Quakers sit in silent circles.

    Dreamers dream.

    O, oh! Oh!, uroboros, ohm, omega……to zero.

    Still, we seek the square.