What Can Lead To Stigma

  • What Can Lead To Stigma

    Posted by Craig Matheson on November 29, 2023 at 3:43 pm

    Power allied, empower the lie,

    Rather live forever than to die.

    Artificially sweet, aptly smart;

    Intelligence, yes, but little by heart.

    Fools for the world so greatly rush in;

    perhaps did before — conning good sin.

    Le Star Sun j’adore, far burns to shine.

    Cats can get close, the number is nine.

    Tragedy and hope? We got the pope!

    Many ways to a God-fearing grope,

    as if in full service to inform,

    of ‘best wishes’ — stigmatizing norm.

    The left hemisphere, down-sourcing fun,

    Shallow think until the game is done;

    Snap judgments made, may cause to enrage,

    Peer pressure to act … or off the stage!!

    Hatred for war, the wages of bore,

    may charge at first — more discharge in store.

    Rest for the wicked? Not a good chance.

    Burn it all down — such addicts to dance.

    Yet, heart of port to brain in ward right,

    which across within, there’s a real fight;

    No matter the path, the walk of life;

    A marriage – true – but no sign a wife.

    Freedom to long live, freedom to die,

    to finally get Sourced fit to fly;

    Freedom to break, this physical cell,

    Freedom from claiming to fully ‘know well’.

    Things big-to-little, therein controls;

    Too close a stand, for whom the bell tolls.

    Our massive blackhole, galactic core,

    The sum of its part for feed, and more.

    Love ya to bits – dear – love ya to death

    Love ya so much lost looking for breath

    Love ya so much a glued grip not so,

    Love ya so much … best thought to let go

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