Pan-ic, Pan-demic, Pan-global, Pan-Hermetic

  • Pan-ic, Pan-demic, Pan-global, Pan-Hermetic

    Posted by Craig Matheson on December 29, 2022 at 4:33 pm

    Pan-ic, Pan-demic, Pan-global, Pan-Hermetic

    Past conjurers gave chase to sciency magic within Alchemical spell;

    To turn iron-to-gold—one of the tricks—promised to serve them well.

    But as such metal-conversion predicted triumph and monied prize,

    It was mental-chemistry illuminating more to charm shimmering eyes.

    To successfully transmute tin-to-treasure would fabricate fortunes untold,

    But metallic dreams fantastically dashed upon a reality to behold.

    So the Alchemical Tree branches toward many species-of-nature;

    The human’s kind seen transmutable through rhetoric and nomenclature.

    Hermetic-conversion (or Mental Alchemy)—electrochemical train;

    Neurolinguistic Programming for how to condition a brain.

    Control the narrative…believe their words…the body’s sure to follow,

    For if one becomes so beguiled, a con is easier to swallow.

    The mind-of-one is that-of-many dead set in fearful contagion

    Whether classified as Black, White, Rainbow, Hispanic or Asian;

    As ‘the system’ excites Pan-ic, consensus can spread Pan-global,

    Then dare question Pan-solutions? ‘They’ will cast you acting IGNOBLE!

    Institutions UNITE!! Fascistic synergy?? Consensus by way of the dollar;

    Big Data. Big State. Big Media. Big Tech. Big Pharma. Big Bank. Oh, Brother!

    It baits on a hook, entices a nibble, then switches to sink in mind-virus.

    Infection-resistant? Unmask the shrouded! Get blamed with vigour and slyness.

    But such massive conforming pressure: is there nothing more routine?;

    Temporal systems (alike our Milky Way) seem governed from in between.

    Aren’t such physical arrangements usually churned by a spun inner-core?;

    Become too impressed by the vortex’s force: systemic corruption in store.

    So why bother with all the struggle? In the end things turn to dust;

    Our ancestors before too struggled…and that’s a story to trust!

    Cosmic black holes (or such mentalities) have not complete control,

    For if they did, any internal system wouldn’t have unique patrol.

    Galileo sentenced to house arrest for questioning ‘science’ of the Church;

    Vatican consensus? Sun follows earth. The astronomer dared besmirch!

    Freedom to think. Such was the struggle. Galileo was not to be released;

    Centuries later, vindicated by time, his presence had tamed the beast.

    Socrates was renown for valour during his years as an Athenian soldier;

    Praised for this by the ‘powers that be’…to only condemn him when older.

    In wiser years, he took to the streets mixing dynamics into groupthink;

    Corrupting the youth: State levied charge; hemlock they made him drink.

    Include Yeshua, Gandhi and Martin Luther King: Establishment-unapproved;

    In each case, beloved by so many, ‘the selects’ wished them removed.

    Whatever pushed these leaders to act, undaunted by grim threat,

    Ashes to ashes, dust to dust…as ‘they’ piled up spiritual debt.

    Certain belief holds: anyone can look to leverage Alchemical discovery

    To Hermetically-compel another for easing an adult’s recovery;

    For at the core of a malevolent act can harbour a spurned, scared child

    Entrapped by the lure of spite for feeling abandoned to the world, to the wild.

    Time’s the keeper of tragic tales for compassionating a heart;

    Hansel-n-Gretel’s parents abandoned their kids, thought it smart.

    Did Hitler and Stalin live in seek of revenge for simply being born?;

    As children, both fiercely beaten by a family member in ‘loving’ scorn.

    When younger, tyrants can accept certain existential theory as fact;

    Power and love? Hand in glove!; ancient philosophy mastered in attack.

    Ancient Greek myths, of the pagan sort, tell of such similar sin;

    Cronus the patriarch, Zeus his son, and Hermes the next of kin.

    Ancient Greek religion is full of sagas that unfold on a titanic stage;

    The myths reveal hierarchical struggle within a family full of rage:

    Cronus devoured his baby boy, Zeus, to preserve his own seat of power;

    A future fear that Zeus would ‘take ‘em’ as he’d ‘took’ before his father.

    In dual contrast, patriarch for Abrahamic legend was the namesake sage;

    Once he’d been taken, a hellish dark spirit, fooled so when younger in age,

    But just before nightmarishly killing his son, baffled by the grace of an angel;

    Forever changed, a wiser path chosen over luminous occult fable.

    Hermeticism invokes occult-elitism (imperious philosophy) age-old

    Where mind-controlling systems (Mass Psychology) had value beyond gold;

    Greek and Egyptian mindsets, anciently-linked, in the study of Alchemy.

    Hermes’s goat-headed son, Pan, urges defilement…so goes the mythology.

    Published in 1908, The Kybalion: a Hermetic handbook of sorts;

    It brims with principles historically revered by royal and ancient courts,

    As so found are teachings from the Ancient Greek book Hermetica;

    While Hermeticists believe the Bible, in certain ways, is a Roman replica.

    Who cares about Hermeticism?! This Pan-demic spreads with stealth!!

    Hermes’s snakes-n-wings – the Caduceus – a crest for public health;

    His ‘magic wand’, as a medical symbol, first modernized in 1902

    When the U.S. Army (claiming blunder) instituted it for all; me and you.

    The Kybalion (Masonic publication) spells ways to Alchemically-train;

    Seven Hermetic principles: laws of the cosmos (with those for a brain);

    The “principle of polarity”: all “things” have poles (of dual, opposite nature),

    But is truth a “thing”? An absolute concept? Argued to settle within chamber.

    By the 1920’s, a mental-virus had long been spreading Pan-global

    As the U.S. Eugenics ‘school of science’ was elite-financed as noble;

    Their monied-stewardship set-the-tone to receive institutional graces,

    Then once Eugenics more socially normalized…it was off to the races!

    Kookily praised to serve the public, ‘experts’ so gushed of its need:

    Undesirable genetics? A drain on society! Such speech for all to heed;

    The spooky ‘science’ indeed did spread, U.S. precedent was set in court,

    Crux of the matter? Better procreation. The ‘feeble-minded’ to be cut short.

    As the fabled Pan-creature played his flute, spellbound hysteria gave chase;

    So great a confidence could be incited, that others may be forced to face:

    As when Eugenics stirred in Nazi Germany, an occult-elitism set it on fire;

    In tracking a myth to build a ‘super man’, such lunacy collapsed in a pyre.

    If humanity’s muddling toward enlightenment, surely it’s not a done deal

    As when rapt ideology yet fails…lifting fogs bare much to reveal;

    Echoing over time, of rhyming concern, the troubles of so many people,

    Be it of pharaohs, Malthus or Gates today, some us sectioned ‘not-so-equal’.

    The pulling convictions of the left hemisphere. It’s necessary to feel right!

    But it’s wisely pushed by the right hemisphere, of a tempering process or fight.

    To suffer a right-brain stroke, one’s more ‘left’ to myopically pull the strings;

    Dr. McGilchrist highlights such findings as per The Matter With Things.

    An opposite nature to the hemispheres: could they also be of such polarity?

    If so, then perhaps Hermetic principles touched on the same disparity;

    For if citizens become Alchemically-aligned with any tyrant ‘leaders’,

    Then social pathology can spread wild à la microscopic creatures.

    As Ancient Rome knew Hermeticism, it had a Renaissance revival;

    A Medici-loyal, Ficino, translated the Hermetica; Early Modern arrival.

    If granted the philosophy tied together so many empires metaphysically,

    Then perhaps the Medici-employed DaVinci remarked as well, but artistically.

    Leonardo’s timeless Vitruvian Man has asymmetry in his eyes;

    His left eyeball drawn darker than his right, perhaps shouldn’t give surprise.

    Could a hint to a Hermetic principle be embedded within his classic?,

    Or would the Medici’ve minded a reveal on things private to elite-Catholic?

    Provided the Medici guild with the Catholic Church held Establishment-sway,

    DaVinci’s art, and Galileo’s findings, pushed through at the end of the day;

    So just as reliable floors are built upon structures of the hidden joist,

    Faceless time may provide ultimate framing to level mainstream-voice.

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