Iron Dome Mentality

  • Iron Dome Mentality

    Posted by Craig Matheson on January 2, 2024 at 6:58 pm

    The damage was done, must now protect,

    Gotta shoot ‘em down for years of neglect.

    Absolutes in force, minds of project,

    Now things sortie in for debts to collect.

    Aliens about (if ideas or people),

    “Gotta keep ‘em out! They’re sizing up our steeple.”

    Too much pain to correct, the effect some lethal.

    Paranoia for all; on both sides as equal.

    Always in ‘the now’: Who is the biggest victim?

    Yet go back far enough … ruled opposite dictum.

    The adult was the child—cycles exist to time;

    Things Of All Kind captured once: of matter or mind.

    The spirit of the world where everyone is right!

    Impossible in truth, so by image or fight!

    Left but with intelligence … imbalance ensues,

    thereby wisdom can offset by right of the blues.

    The left hemisphere more goes to worldly power,

    Whereas a right hemisphere’s call buzzkills ‘sour’,

    for realms of the absolute can sense highly Great!

    … ‘knew’ Alexander and Napoleon of late.

    While slices of humble pie can taste like sawdust,

    how else to hold an equilibrium intrust?

    To study history reveals each war ending.

    So whyever start? (as every wake cries for mending).

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