Bi-polar-ity vs. Dual-ity

  • Bi-polar-ity vs. Dual-ity

    Posted by Craig Matheson on June 26, 2023 at 10:43 am

    A Wilderness of Wonder within Open Thought,

    where questions cut path to better concept;

    Blessed Freedom in Ponder—to Wander in Aught

    Hallowed Nothingness to Zen thine Mindset.

    To brave Round Rambles, if testing the norm,

    a trial of Mental Landscapes for compare;

    as usual to a curious brainstorm,

    a trendier voice may air, “Don’t you dare!!”

    Cognitive strolls (at times) pairs twos,

    More or Less, Yea or Nay — so to say;

    Wherein thereof only one can choose,

    it’s impossible to always see grey.

    Whether that’s Good—or—not so Bad,

    there’s innate Dual Structure for opposites;

    Cosmic Bi Poles, from Happy to Sad,

    despite what degree of its cognizance.

    Decisions, decisions . . . such is the notion,

    whether to query Less or More,

    As whatever may stir within motion,

    the concept splits by Two, not four.

    To consider a lead through Left or Right,

    or whether something’s Real or Fake,

    To delve a Darkness in chase of Light;

    A trade-off between Give and Take.

    If such a split’s sensed of Above and Below,

    or of Bi-Speeds—Fast and Slow—to a race,

    a stage of reflection sets in a Duo,

    just as there are two sides to one’s face.

    Whether the mercury climbs Up or Down,

    it’s still part of the same thermometer,

    in measure of the climate all around

    changing more fluid than Him-to-Her.

    If the concept becomes a matter of size,

    the split can set between Big and Small;

    Where “all things being relative” is no surprise,

    of course . . . one can feel Short, and Tall!

    In each such case there’s Dual such Force,

    such opposite Bi Polarity for choice,

    Whether a sensation feels Smooth or Coarse,

    there’s an associated pair to invoice.

    By that, which Giveth can Taketh away

    in our realm of the Come and Go,

    Within and throughout ever much to weigh

    amid cosmic ends, To and Fro.

    A coincidence of opposites within our realm,

    it’s long been of the great Human Mind;

    therein a clear contrast can serve to overwhelm,

    wherefore good reason may be Divine.

    That being so, lasting books were created

    (over time) for the transfer of keen theory;

    questioned by some as reading grossly outdated,

    was each Origin Story robust query?

    Such a spanning library includes the Bible,

    as well as the enduring Quran,

    yet the Hermetica precedes both books in cycle,

    of a rhyming Ancient Greek brand.

    It was Roman Byzantines forwarding the script,

    ¿the Hermetica infused about the Bible?

    Where certain Greek portions would surely have been clipped,

    a true believer may consider this libel.

    The Kybalion (much more recently published)

    — A literary child of the Hermetica —

    is translated script (some deem as rubbish)

    through a shorter so-styled replica.

    Per the modern work: “Seven Hermetic principles.”

    Each maxim goes back to the Greek philosophy;

    today, such decrees heard less than a pope’s papal bulls,

    nevertheless,.. may All Power be used responsibly.

    “The principle of mentalism” is firstly stated,

    in essence: The Mind is everything-n-All.

    To understand that is to get so illuminated

    without needing join a Masonic Hall.

    Next in order, “The principle of correspondence,”

    As Above, so Below . . . in a nutshell;

    More or Less mirroring any given instance

    where folks reflect upon Heaven-n-Hell.

    Then so addressed, “The principle of vibration,”

    As molecularly . . . matters never stop . . .

    even if a Thing appears of stagnation,

    particles keep spinning wherever It’s dropped.

    Up then for review, “The principle of polarity,”

    As everything so understood is framed as Dual;

    whereby if this notion triggers a great hilarity,

    even Earth gets measured in drifting from Hot to Cool.

    “The principle of rhythm” next sways per the flow

    along such Hermetic Waves of consideration;

    Not much based upon which direction will go,

    but more that Movement Begets Compensation.

    For each-n-every action, an opposite-n-equal

    — one of Isaac Newton’s Three Laws of Motion —

    “The principle of cause and effect,” as if a sequel,

    is Cosmic Theory so ‘tide’ to an ocean.

    And last but not least, “the principle of gender,”

    As both Feminine and Masculine make the whole;

    in opposing degrees away from what’s center,

    each distinction combining from a Counter-Pole.

    So, whether one wishes to affix the label

    of someone being Bipolar or Dual,

    the idea is: we’re All Set upon The Table

    cosmically: where Anyone can Play the Fool.

    To that end, what goes Up spawns pull to come Down,

    whatever Rises temporally must Fall,

    More to the matter of when Things turn around,

    as variations come by each catch-all.

    Where ‘cases’ are noted in the scale of human minds,

    could it be that ‘some’ more fully flux per Either End?

    In any event, it dynamically takes all kinds,

    otherwise . . . would there be an offsetting amend?

    In that, Abraham Lincoln suffered bouts of depression

    amid fight to reform justice in a broken world;

    Abe honestly struggled to beat a wicked oppression,

    enough for throwing a good breakfast roundly hurled.

    Additionally, the aforesaid Isaac Newton

    amounted equally of some Bipolar suspicion;

    where his oddness may’ve cast images of a highfalutin,

    most gravitated to his heady ‘Apple System’.

    For good measure note the mercurial Beethoven,

    maker of the EU’s anthem, Ode to Joy;

    Renown for his mood swings and melodies so woven,

    he seemed tuned-in to create more than destroy.

    Today, from the likes of Ted Turner to Mel Gibson,

    Jim Carrey, Russel Brand, and others of ‘such friction’;

    where also is ‘the case’ with Catherine Zeta-Jones,

    (in their bones) too Mariah Carey and Tyson Fury.

    So, no matter if others feel it stranger than some,

    we all Dually Range across Bipolar Force;

    Within, one can accept as thy kingdom come,

    the Mental Cosmos — despite onset to any course.

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