Reply To: Please write in OTHER groups!

  • Don Salmon

    November 25, 2023 at 10:29 pm

    Hi Jamie – I fully agree. I created this little discussion group about a year ago, when this new site was put in place, and quickly realized the site is VERY difficult to navigate.

    A few months ago I moved my online courses to one of the best community sites I’ve ever seen – Mighty Networks. I’ve been on that platform for several months and week by week my appreciation grows. I’ve wondered about suggesting to the administrators moving to MN – but I know it took months of hard work behind the scenes to settle on this.

    Meanwhile – heres a proposal: you’ve found your way here and obviously have a passion for this. Rather than navigating through the site, have some discussions right here, without defining or confining them.

    I’m too busy to focus on this project now, but in about 1/2 year I want to take the writings of McGilchrist, B. Alan Wallace, David Bentley Hart and several other excellent writers (perhaps Bernardo Kastrup as well) on the problems of naturalism/physicalism/materialism. But I want to try to write about them (and make videos and music as well) so people can get a much deeper EXPERIENTIAL feel of the problem – AND the many solutions (oddly, neither McGilchrist, Hart or Kastrup say much at all about contemplative practice – yet Wallace makes that the very core of ALL he writes). And I want to present this in a way that a 14 year old of average intelligence with no prior knowledge of science or philosophy and no practice of meditation can relate to it, and see how it affects their life.

    If you’re interested in any of this – including anything even distantly related to it – why not start by writing about your interests right here. And in fact, if you convince me, maybe it would be worth the effort to get the administrators to consider moving to Mighty Networks.