Reply To: Please write in OTHER groups!

  • Jamie R

    November 25, 2023 at 9:51 pm

    I agree. I just joined, and I am thoroughly disappointed. For a paid site, I expected something a little… better?

    I mostly joined because I am in a situation where it feels like I am being suffocated by a bunch of excessively left-brainers with no self-awareness, and I feel pretty alone. Would be nice to connect with others who “get it.”

    I guess I thought there would be a traditional “discussion forum” type area of this site, but whatever this is, it is extremely clunky, non-intuitive, and does not facilitate a community atmosphere. Ironically, everything is sub-divided in a way that makes it all feel very separate and atomized. Something Iain himself would probably say doesn’t help a community atmosphere. I can’t believe I’m paying for this crap.