Reply To: My experience of music

  • Andrei Micu

    July 2, 2023 at 7:12 pm

    I have pretty much the same view on today’s music, Paul. I’m glad you made this group, because I think there’s a lot to talk about music and how it’s interwoven in our life.

    I’d like to open a more specific topic, but not this evening. I want to honor it with enough time and energy, and a separate post.

    Here I want to say that I see the butchering of the concept of music as well, and all the “musical” invasions that the commercial world makes on people’s minds. Not only the music composition suffers, but also the way it gets into people’s minds nowadays. You don’t hear music when you want anymore, you hear “music” on passing cars, neighbors, public transportation, people with phones in restaurants. Its another way of brainwashing.

    What you, Anneloes and Don do is priceless in our times. The fact that I can walk on the streets with earbuds listening to music like yours, instead of mind-degrading repetitive streams of sound, is something I am deeply grateful for.