Reply To: My experience of music

  • Lucy Fleetwood

    June 26, 2023 at 10:20 am

    Hi Anneloes,

    This makes sense to me, I think it is the same for all the arts. When I write, I write well and it touches people’s hearts but only when ‘I’m’ not writing, if that makes sense. The words and ideas write themselves. It’s as if there is something to be written and I’m lucky enough for that to happen through me. When the writing isn’t happening in this way, it is never really enjoyable, it is a chore.

    And I think this can be applied to the whole of life. The place we speak from can also come from our neural habits and patterns, or speaking can happen through us.

    I once sat by a lake, and I disappeared into my surroundings, and then a thought came, what’s looking out of my eyes. Sometimes the habits of my personality are looking out of my eyes, attending and responding, and at other, more spacious times, looking, is looking out of my eyes. I just ask myself the question, what is looking out of my eyes, and I immediately feel different, spacious, there is never an answer, just a change of view.