Measures of Evil

  • Measures of Evil

    Posted by Craig Matheson on December 30, 2023 at 12:33 pm

    Dear Earthlings,

    If recently you’ve found any significant degree of disappointment or boredom in current renditions of historical storytellings, the bits to this post may temporarily alleviate as much.

    In such item, some to the amazing lives of John Weitz (the former OSS officer) and the confounding Hjalmar Schact (the greatly respected international banker).

    Personally, while I’ve only relatively recently learned of John Weitz (the author to the book Hitler’s Banker), I think him and his book are so astonishing that whether or not you’d previously heard of him, this C-SPAN snippet gives a good shot of what he was all about.

    In it, the great author Tom Wolfe intros John and his book which details the banker in question, Hjalmar Schact, with all the elegance John apparently tended to bring, as John saw it while living in Berlin and England during the 1920’s and 1930’s.

    As it seemed, John was not only a jack-of-many-trades … arguably he even mastered some of them.

    ‘Hitler’s Banker’ – Hjalmar Schact – was said to be so well respected in Germany, with all the international banking ties and pedigree one could imagine, that if he decided to back away from Hitler earlier than in the end, John Weitz contends that Nazism would never have had a realistic chance of earning the respect (as it did) in the early 1930’s … hence the significance of Schact, hence the shock of many that he did, and supposedly hence why John Weitz felt compelled to inevitably write the book.

    Incidentally, John Weitz was Jewish.

    Having presented all of this, I suppose there’s a query related therein to wonder of measures to who was more ‘evil’?:

    – Alexander the Great, for seeing it fit to murder in the name of not being Greek to a level he may’ve seen wise?

    – some Roman Byzantine, for seeing others not Christian enough post-Edit of Thessalonica (post-380 CE)

    – some member of the Knights Templar or Teutonic Knights, for not being Catholic enough?

    – Suleiman the Magnificent, for not being Muslim to a ‘proper’ degree?

    – Vlad the Impaler, for stepping on to his property?

    – some tyrant during the Spanish Inquisition, for not ‘properly’ renouncing being Jewish or Muslim

    – Napoleon, for that to a French way or path deemed ‘best’?

    – Hitler, for all of this sort of crap to the point of wanting to see it all burn down for being born?

    NOTE: as was Elon Musk, Adolf Hitler was beating near to death before his brain had fully developed

    Please offer to this discussion as you may see appropriate.



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