Reply To: Conspiracy theory spread

  • Whit Blauvelt

    November 29, 2023 at 6:18 pm

    Okay, Facebook’s “Activity Log” have links to articles on several news sites’ articles where I joined in the comments sections following articles in 2015-2017, where the links now go to articles but not the comments … ah ha, here’s the basis of your slur, an obvious tongue-in-cheek comment I made to Facebook itself, to an article linked by “” after the 2016 election:

    “With our combined nuclear forces, the Russian-American alliance can enjoy total greatness over all the darker-skinned peoples of the world. All that’s required is a demonstration of the Russian-US willingness to use nukes against those who export refugee terrorists. Only those who can block Trump in the Electoral College stand between us and the glorious future of the Russian-American Empire.”

    This is, in your reading, my proposing a devious scheme to block Trump? Seriously? I was writing from within the perspective of a Trump and Putin supporter, standing in his shoes, exploring empathy for his view. Trump has always openly admired Putin; many Trump supporters today take Putin’s side against Ukraine. But … where is the “scheme” to pervert the electoral college you claim I was promoting? You mean, something like Trump wanted Pence to do for him on January 6, 2021? Nah. I’m not that clever.