Reply To: Conspiracy theory spread

  • Don Salmon

    March 28, 2023 at 6:41 pm

    Hi Whit and Ralph:

    I heard the same thing Whit said. There’s this idea which is almost universal in liberal circles (also in New Age circles, though they don’t necessarily overlap) that we should ALWAYS be careful in simply asserting, “No, that’s incorrect.”

    I think this is actually a literal, left hemisphere understanding of truth.

    “Truth” with a capital “T” is never a matter of right and wrong (and I think that “never” is not necessarily a LH absolute!!)

    truth in terms of factual things is simple.

    Climate change, exacerbated by humans, is happening.

    What to do about it is up for grabs. But if someone tells you it’s not caused by humans, they are factually wrong.

    I hope we can start there. Then Whit’s original question can be more easily dealt with.

    Social movements: Whit, personally, I strongly believe that ANY social movement not founded on the evolution of a state of consciousness beyond the mind – beyond BOTH RH and LH – is doomed to failure from the start.

    To some extent, we may need to open to RH/immediate experience to begin, but that could just as easily lead to all kinds of dangerous totalitarian movements as true freedom.

    Is what I’m saying making any sense? Does it sound absolutist or complicated?

    If I was talking with a 13 year old kid, I’d ask them to look at moments in nature, playing sports or music, or just talking with a dear friend in times of deep connection, and ask them to consider what it is about those moments that is so profound, so touching, so moving.

    And then to suggest, “What if it’s possible to shift one’s attention in a way that no matter what one is doing, no matter how “terrible” the world system may appear to be, no matter how much emotional or physical pain one may be experiencing, it may be possible to shift to that state of flow.

    And then, as far as a worldwide movement goes (I wish it was mindfulness but for the most part that’s become McMindfulness), how would one encourage, on a societal, international level, even a remote interest in this?

    There’s now a worldwide renaissance of interest in psychedelics. What I’m talking about includes all the possibilities of psychedelics but goes far beyond it.

    Any ideas as to whether this is even interesting to you, and if so, how would it be made more well known?