Reply To: The Experience of Art

  • Mike Todd

    June 26, 2023 at 10:38 pm

    Hi Lucy,

    At the risk of further departure from “occasions that open experience”, and as a complement to the information Don generously shared, I recommend Prof. Max Velmans’ series of videos on reflexive monism:

    Don’t be dissuaded by how technical “reflexive monism” may sound; Prof. Velmans’ view is no more or less than a nondual description of reality, with particular emphasis on the role of consciousness, albeit not consciousness as it is typically understood in the West. His view also includes an exploration of the conscious and preconscious self/Self, and its implications for free will, as well as serving as a wonderful synthesis of other nondual descriptions of reality, such as Buddhism post-Nagarjuna, philosophical Daoism, and both Advaita and Aurobindo’s Integral Vedanta, whilst also incorporating insights into brain and mind from contemporary neuroscience and the whole gamut of Western psychology.

    The wonderful B. Alan Wallace, whom Don mentioned, also appears in a few of Prof. Velmans’ videos. I heartily recommend another book of his, The Attention Revolution, which served as my own gateway to daily meditation.