Reply To: The Experience of Art

  • Mike Todd

    June 21, 2023 at 11:21 am

    Hi Don (and Christina),

    Not to detract from the profound insights of Barfield, Prem or Blake, but it’s worth bearing in mind that there are well-established Western and Eastern traditions which recognise that language, and perhaps our conceptual system as a whole, is metaphorical in nature, such that “sun” and “Apollo” are (equally valid) metaphors for something beyond our conception which just is, as the following video exemplifies.

    Given that we experience a nondual reality most of the time as a duality, and mindful that we ought to revere all that is the sacred – in terms of the immanent (“that which is experienced” and “that which experiences”) and the transcendent (the nonduality beyond these and other dualities) – perhaps the approach most amenable to this is one in which we acknowledge and integrate a variety of metaphorical perspectives as well as the non-conceptual “perspective” tacitly championed in the video. (The unity of division and unity).

    Just my $0.02.