Reply To: Identity with language

  • Martyn Swain

    March 12, 2024 at 6:37 am

    Hello Whit, and thanks for posting this. I come at this from a different perspective, having worked as a simultaneous interpreter for more than 30 years (you call them simultaneous translators in the US). What also strikes me as important, in light of what Dr McGilchrist writes, is to examine how we communicate, and how we can learn to enhance our command of the paralinguistic tools that support communicative intent.

    Dr McGilchrist writes in in ‘The Matter With Things’ page 302; “Simultaneous EEG monitoring of two subjects communicating while ‘both participants are continuously active each modifying their own actions in response to the continuously changing actions of their partner’ reveals synchronization at the millisecond level of the right centroparietal and right temporoparietal regions in each subject. They really do ‘resonate’.”

    It seems to me that if we were able more frequently to engage the regions of the brain that resonate with each other, we would need fewer words.