Reply To: 1st Fridays of the Month

  • Bob Eng

    June 27, 2024 at 9:52 pm

    @chrys and @manuela, I love how you’ve continued your conversation. (I on the other hand find this platform cumbersome for such purposes 😞). Thank you @chrys for referring us to the New Yorker article and the related podcast. I did listen to the podcast and have yet to try the exercise. D Graham Burnett’s discussion about attention made think of Amishi Jha, whose work on attention in contrast seems more of a left-hemisphere approach. (And have they collaborated with one another?) Mostly the podcast took me back to a question that I’ve toyed with occasionally. Assuming that the way(s) we attend to the world is foundational (to what comes into being, to how the world changes us and the relationship between us), how can we manifest or channel with intention the way(s) that we attend? What are some practices to strengthen that capacity? This is where D Graham’s discussion helped. It’s my loss that after listening to the podcast a couple of weeks ago that I didn’t look up the Strother School for Radical Attention. They have live events at their brick-and-mortar location in Brooklyn, within 60 miles (96 kilometers) from my home in NJ. By the way, I just read and really enjoyed Fully Alive by Elizabeth Oldfield, who will part of Iain’s day-long program on 25 October. Looking forward to our next Zoom on 5 July!