Reply To: 1st Fridays of the Month

  • Manuela van der Glas

    June 27, 2024 at 8:07 pm

    I love the 12 theses of attention, thank you for sharing Christina.

    One phrase that caught my eye was ‘attention entrapped’ – this lead to the thought of ‘humans becoming more and more (automatically) tied to algorithms/ triggers – due to the dopamine release such an interaction provides us with and therefore one could get addicted to ‘loads of dopamine’ and therefore as Iain said “callus it over” and even more is needed – a vicious cycle that ‘entraps’ the ince free to roam attention (seeking that what needed / wanted to be found in the natural world? – I wonder) ..

    I hope to see you again on Friday, next, the 5th of July – and continue our conversation.

    Thank you, Christina. 🙏🏻