Reply To: Is anyone familiar with Jackendoff’s work in linguistics?

  • Shannon McCarthy

    June 7, 2024 at 2:47 am

    Hi again Whit,

    I’m glad we both are interested in the space. What does Laura Otis say about the different capacities with the visual and the spatial? (Are you an art historian?) I’d like to hear your ideas about bringing the spatial into the mix. What are you imagining?

    I’m just coming off some focal seizures on the left side that affect language- I know the words are there, but they are difficult to retrieve in speech. I’d believe it too that LH is needed in proprioception. However, whatever the confusion that happens with language from compromised LH temporal area, I think spatial understanding from a distance is not affected. Like, I may have trouble with the written grocery list, but if I make a map of the kitchen in my mind and remember a star over the areas which need something, I can get it. Pictures and their relatives can be separate from words. Also, I think my painting is still fine, technically, which requires depth/ relation/ space perception even with a slow language center. Anyway sorry to talk about my own self here, just where my mind is currently.

    Isn’t the meaning of guru the one who dispels darkness? In that respect I think he’s already done it. And I hear you- we ought to keep asking questions, and I do agree that looking to advance his work and question what else could be is a way of respecting its importance.