Reply To: The talk given by Dr McGilchrist at Darwin College, Cambridge U… no words…

  • Niels Hoffmann

    May 15, 2024 at 6:48 pm

    Yes, impressive. I saw it live. And Iain’s amazing work of empirical evidence for the two opposite thought processes of the two hemispheres.

    They are both deep truths for relationally connected branches in any network. The deep truth is the reductionist mechanism for sorting all branches in a network in order of distance from a node, it does this irreducibly, branch by branch until completion, reducing the process from n dimensions to one dimension without reducing the network!

    Note, that the sorting process itself is identical for the two hemispheres:

    The Left Hemisphere projects in the direction from an origin to all nodes in the network.

    The Right Hemisphere extends backward upstream from the destination. This leads to the start of every branch containing the distance to the destination. Since we start from branches connected to destinations, the goal can be a bigger canvas as a single attractor field.

    Rosen admitted that his opinion of the non-computability of the RH’s goal-seeking process only relates to the current mathematics of nondeterministic science. Consequently, the discovered RH’s goal-seeking process becomes a New Science of deterministic differentiated noncomplex complexity, outside the domain of classical partial differential forms. In recent years there is increasing evidence of nature and life following goals purposefully. A potential new paradigm for science as envisioned by Thomas Kuhn.

    Opinion is the main cause of paradoxes! The well-understood curse of incompleteness in current science as expressed by top scientist leading the development of Covid vaccine.