Reply To: Is anyone familiar with Jackendoff’s work in linguistics?

  • Peter Barus

    May 10, 2024 at 5:14 pm

    Thank you Whit, for inspiring thoughts…

    “language, and the left hemisphere’s tendency to too often lead us away from truth by it”

    Reading this, it occurs to me that this “leading” is structural, not in any way intentional; inherent to language, not some nefarious scheme. The LH is in a way confined to language and the world it encapsulates, like a mosaic that only shows the tiles, and nothing of the between-ness that gives the image meaning, or like the saccades between visual impressions that leave invisible blind-spots. Seeing a mosaic we get the meaning without ever seeing those connections, which may be the function of language, structure, and the LH as well. That is, a feature, not a bug.

    And structure itself is only a part of something much greater, a visible armature, which may support much visible refinement enhancing the appearance of wholeness and completeness… but like a statue, only conveys movement with, at best, a hint, like the implication of wind in flowing garments, or (somehow) angelic weightlessness.

    I think it was Drew Kopp who said, at a workshop in London I was lucky to attend, “Did you ever care about speaking in such a way that what you didn’t say was present? Probably not. But that’s where making a difference lies.”

    “Out here” in the space of a conversation, where my internal state is negligible, is where live is really lived.