Reply To: States of consciousness

  • Anthony Farnsworth

    April 30, 2024 at 6:58 am

    Thank you both for your responses. I agree with you Whit. I think we do need good personalities or role models to coalesce around in order to form a robust philosophy that will be a guide us in this time of crisis. And I like that phrase, “unfreezing” our attention Joseph. Thats exactly what it feels like to have my attention frozen or captured by the left hemisphere.

    I believe Iain Mcgilchrist is very aware of walking a tightrope between informing people of his insights and avoiding the danger of telling people what they should do. I believe people naturally want to find someone bigger than themselves who’s advice they can place their trust in implicitly. Generally people who are attracted to this role feel the need to live up to this image of solidity and when they have doubts they ignore them or play them down as they believe they will lose their following. This is a slippery slope that results in their aim being to calm their ego rather than doing the right thing.

    One of the main things I have learned (or remembered) from Iain’s work is the vital importance of learning to ride the wave of uncertainty. Once I’m certain of where I’m going I inevitably run out of energy and get dumped on the beach and end up thinking,’shit I’m back here again!’